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Oasis Online was established in 1997 as an Internet Service Provider. The company subsequently grew to approximately 2000 users Nationwide and continues to offer Internet services. The company was incorporated in Nevada as a Sub S Corporation in May of 1999 and continues that status in good standing.

We began working with Churchill County School District providing high level Technology Support in 2002. In 2004, in answer to an RFP, we took the role of total management of the District’s Technology Department from Help Desk support through Network Engineering and design. In 2006 we began management of the Mineral County School District Technology Department in the same capacity and continued that relationship until December 2011. We began management of the Lander County School District Technology Department with the same scope of work in July of 2007 along with Pershing County in 2010 and Esmeralda and Storey Counties in 2014. From 2010 to 2011 we established the same relationship with Elko Institute for Advanced Achievement, a charter school located in Elko, NV. We are currently continuing our Technology management relationship with Churchill County School District, Lander County School District, Esmeralda County School District, Storey County School District and are contracted for part-time high level network support with Mineral County School District.

We have an extremely qualified, licensed staff, very experienced in Help Desk services, troubleshooting, installations, imaging, software licensing etc. We are a Novell Silver Partner and have Microsoft Certified, CompTIA certified, and Dell Certified Technicians plus many other certifications. Our staff turnover is minimal.

 As indicated above, Oasis Online has over 15 years of experience in an IT consulting environment. Our responsibilities include Server installation, configuration and management along with Network troubleshooting and maintenance. We are experienced in evaluating and recommending software and hardware, installation and maintenance of backup software along with filtering and imaging solutions. We are capable and experienced in research and development of technology applications including Virtualization, Clustering, Thin Clients, and Wireless Technologies to name a few.  Under our care, in the customers we now serve are approximately 95 servers, 7400 desktops, laptops, Ipods, Ipads, Android tablets, chromebooks, and cell phones along with Smart Boards, printers, scanners, credit card terminals, Elmos etc.

We are a Nevada Licensed Contractor # 0080337 and experienced in Cat5 and Cat6 cabling, keystone installations, cable runs, switch and router installations and management and have installed cabling and switches for over 1,100 network drops.

We are very knowledgeable in wireless implementations having established a wireless solution for our customers in our Internet Division since 1999.   We have provided wireless AP installations and management throughout all of our current districts we now serve and have deployed over 360 wireless AP’s over multiple campuses.  We have also installed and managed Point to Point wireless connectivity between remote buildings.
We are familiar with a number of operating systems including Novell Netware, Linux, and Microsoft and are also very skilled with installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and teaching of various types of productivity software.

We are knowledgeable and experienced in the use of remote management software and provide live Help Desk support through our website at

Our leadership has many years of experience in business management, personnel management and finances. We are also very practiced in working with Government organizations having served on State Standards Committee, State Ed Tech Directors Committee, Revisions Committee for the Nevada State Technology Plan and the Revisions Committee for the Nevada State Standards. We were most recently involved in helping develop a “One to One” (Nevada Ready21) plan for the State of Nevada.

We are a very solvent, reliable corporation with a reputation of well trained employees providing excellent service with a positive attitude.

For many years, for the customers we serve, we have provided a survey, distributed at the close of each Help Ticket. This is a method for our customers to provide feedback as to their Help Ticket experience. The following chart shows the results of all survey responses combined: 

Daniel Slentz, Owner/CEO/Network Engineer has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and has been involved with corporate networks for over 22 years. He is extremely experienced in network design and troubleshooting.  Dan also serves on the Revisions Committee for the Nevada State Technology Plan and the Revisions Committee for the Nevada State Standards and is currently working with the State to in help fine tune and develop the next phase of the Nevada Ready 21 grant for the State of Nevada.