Oasis Online was established in 1997 as an Internet Service Provider. The company subsequently grew to approximately 2000 users Nationwide and continues to offer Internet services including high speed wireless connectivity. The company was incorporated in Nevada as a Sub S Corporation in May of 1999 and continues that status in good standing.


In 2002, while the Internet division continued to grow, Oasis Online was approached with a request to begin working with Churchill County School District providing high level technology support to the district’s technology staff.


In 2004, in answer to an RFP, Oasis Online took the role of total management of the Churchill County School District’s Technology Department from Help Desk support through Network Engineering and design. 


In 2006, along with the continuing Internet service and management of the Churchill County School District Technology Department, Oasis Online began management of the Mineral County School District Technology Department in the same capacity.


In 2007 along with Churchill County and Mineral County School Districts Oasis Online began management of the Lander County School District Technology Department with the same scope of work as in our other districts. 


From 2010 to 2011 we added Elko Institute for Advanced Achievement, a charter school located in Elko, NV to our Technology Management services.


Both Storey County and Esmeralda County School Districts joined our growing family of Technology Management customers in 2014.


We are currently continuing our Technology Management relationship with the school districts of Churchill County, Lander County, Storey County and Esmeralda County and are contracted for part-time high level network support with the Mineral County School District.

In October of 2016 we will celebrate 19 years of Internet Service and Technology Management. We are extremely grateful to our loyal family of customers that have allowed us to serve you over many years. We are very blessed to have grown from our start in 1997 with approximately 10 Internet customers, in a little rented office at 10 E. Center Street, with 3 employees, to our existing corporation serving 5 counties in Nevada with 12 full-time and 2 part time employees. We realize every day how thankful we are to the loyal customers that have made this possible. We are also blessed to have assembled a staff of very qualified individuals with the same attitudes of service and dependability that has grown our company to its present status. 

To celebrate our 19th year, we are refocusing a division of our company on high speed wireless Internet service. We will be providing this service at very affordable prices and look forward to reacquainting ourselves and our staff with our loyal family of customers. It is exciting for us to have the ability to provide high speed service and reliable connectivity and courteous tech support to our customers once again.